Open All Night: Mumbai Sets a New Standard in Pet Care with 24/7 Pharmacy


In the heart of Mumbai, a new beacon of hope shines for pet owners as Goodman Chemist inaugurates the city’s first-ever 24/7 pet pharmacy. This groundbreaking service, part of the Animeal initiative by Goodman Vetcare, is revolutionizing the pet healthcare landscape in one of India’s most populous cities, addressing a long-standing need that could no longer be

Mumbai’s pet owners have long faced a dire issue: the availability of pet-specific medications during off-hours. It’s a distressing reality that many pets have suffered, or worse, due to the absence of essential medicines when most vet clinics are closed. Goodman’s new round-the-clock pharmacy in Parel aims to fill this critical gap, ensuring that no pet has to wait till morning for relief.

Vipul Patil, co-director of Goodman Vetcare and a visionary in pet care innovation, highlighted the urgency of this initiative.

“There have been numerous instances where pets needed immediate medical attention at night, but the required medications were unavailable in tandard pharmacies. Our goal with this 24/7 pharmacy is to ensure that no pet in Mumbai,
Navi Mumbai, and Thane is left untreated due to time constraints.”

The idea was born out of real-world feedback from countless pet parents who have experienced the anxiety of late-night pet emergencies. Their stories shed light on the acute need for a dependable source of pet medicines, accessible at any hour. This new facility is not just a pharmacy; it’s a lifeline for pets, equipped with a wide range of medicines and staffed by expert pharmacists who specialize in veterinary care.

Goodman Chemist’s new venture is also a response to the shifting dynamics in pet ownership. Pets are increasingly seen as family members, and their health is as significant as that of any human relative. This shift calls for advancements in pet care facilities, making services like 24/7 pharmacies an essential development.

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Pet owners across the city have expressed relief and gratitude, sharing stories of how the pharmacy has already made a difference in their pets’ lives. One pet parent mentioned, “Knowing that we can get any medicine, at any time of the day, has taken a huge weight off our shoulders. It’s reassurance that our pets are covered in any emergency.”

Beyond providing emergency supplies, Goodman is also looking to innovate further. Plans are underway to introduce at-home blood tests for pets, enhancing the convenience and comprehensiveness of pet healthcare. This initiative reflects Goodman’s commitment to being at the forefront of veterinary care, ensuring that Mumbai’s pets receive the best possible treatment.

As the city sleeps, Goodman’s new pharmacy remains awake, echoing the continuous pulse of Mumbai itself. It stands as a testament to the city’s evolving compassion and care for its non-human residents, setting a new standard in pet healthcare that other cities are sure to follow.

In embracing this innovative approach, Goodman Vetcare is not just serving the immediate needs of the community but is also paving the way for future advancements in pet care across India. Their efforts underscore a commitment to pet welfare that goes beyond business—it’s about building a compassionate community where every pet has access to the care they deserve, at any hour of the day or night.

As Goodman continues to expand its reach and services, the impact of their work is evident in the healthier, happier lives of Mumbai’s pets. It’s a bold step forward, one that reassures pet parents that their beloved animals are in safe hands, no matter the time of day. This is more than a pharmacy—it’s a movement towards a more empathetic and responsive pet care system, setting a new benchmark for the rest of the nation.


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