Essential pet health checks every animal owner should know


For over 30 years, Atlas Animal Hospital in Vancouver has offered complete healthcare solutions for your pets, ensuring their well-being and protection

Anyone who owns an animal knows that their meaning and value extend far beyond simply being a pet. They are a companion, a source of comfort, relief, humour and the perfect embodiment of unconditional love. 

They are family in every sense of the world – and as you would with any other family member, you want to ensure they receive the best possible care. 

Enter Atlas Animal Hospital, voted the top veterinary office in the 2024 Stars of Vancouver Readers’ Choice Awards, and for good reason! Providing service beyond simply making your pets feel their best, its team creates an environment where their tails can’t stop wagging, their purrs can’t stop purring and your mind can feel at ease. 

To that end, it is offering some helpful healing hints for how best to ensure you’re taking optimal care of your furry friends to avoid any dog days or cat-astrophes! 

Schedule regular check-ups 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when it comes to caring for the health of your furry friends, it’s important to get them checked out regularly. Taking your pet for routine trips to the vet ensures that any potential risks or health concerns can be addressed as soon as possible. 

Not only that, but it’s a preventative action that could potentially spare your animal unnecessary pain or discomfort, or even save their life if any conditions have managed to skirt by undetected. Additionally, scheduling regular checkups can also help make your animal feel more comfortable in a clinic environment while allowing your specific veterinarian to develop a relationship with them.

Ensure vaccines are up to date 

Another preventative pro, routine vaccinations are crucial for ensuring your pet remains is protected from a wide range of infections and diseases – some of which can be fatal if not properly protected against. 

Much like we commit to a flu shot to prevent infection, keeping your pet up to date on their shots is a simple yet incredibly effective way to keep them healthy and safe. Common vaccines may include those that protect against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, rabies, canine bordetella, feline leukemia and feline panleukopenia. 

Create a furry fitness routine 

We all know that working out is paramount to a well-rounded health routine – the same can be said for animals. Aside from more obvious byproducts, such as maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise also helps ensure their muscles and joints remain strong.

Additionally, much like it does for people, physical activity also supplies mental benefits that promote overall well-being, such as reducing anxiety levels, improving mood, expelling extra energy and potentially preventing or treating certain behavioural conditions. 

In this way, regular walks or play sessions can help improve your pet’s quality of life across the board by keeping them engaged and active.

Don’t forget about dental

Next up in a paw-sitively comprehensive pet care routine – teeth! Like humans, animal teeth can experience plaque and tartar buildup if left unchecked over time. Leaving this to develop can result in unsavoury conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay if left untreated, resulting in unnecessary pain and discomfort. 

On top of brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, if you do notice evidence of deterioration or infection, bring them to the vet for cleaning and/or treatment. 

Spay and neuter 

Arguably one of the most vital actions pet owners should take is to have their animals spayed or neutered. Not only does it prevent sudden surprises – which, while cute, can take a lot of time, effort and money! – but this simple procedure can also prevent several health conditions and behavioural issues.

For example, spaying female pets can help prevent ovarian, uterine and breast cancers, whereas neutering male pets can save them from developing testicular or prostate cancer, prostatic cysts and abscesses and help reduce aggression. 

Subsequently, spaying and neutering also help maintain animal populations, helping reduce the number of homeless animals and those occupying shelters.  

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